Energy Saving Tips

air conditioningWith rising energy costs and growing concern over the effects of carbon pollution on climate change, it’s more important than ever to carefully monitor and regulate the amount of energy we consume. Cool Quest, LLC is here to help businesses and residents cut their consumption and energy costs.

Here are some of the best ways you can decrease your energy consumption at your home or business:

  • Preventative Maintenance:
    Like a new car, HVAC systems need regular maintenance to support optimal performance. Mechanical equipment should be serviced twice annually, prior to seasonal demand.
  • Change interior filter monthly:
    This improves interior air quality, and improves air flow. Restricted air filters actually cause mechanical equipment to overwork to the point of premature failure of major components!
  • Utilize fans:
    Fans can help continue circulation of air within a given room or space; this improves comfort and contributes to the air conditioner cycling less frequently.
  • Reduce heat load:
    You can reduce the heat load within a given room by shutting down electronics that aren’t currently in use, and keeping windows and doors closed.
  • Consider replacing aged equipment:
    Old, decrepit HVAC equipment causes high energy usage. Replacing it with newer, more efficient systems—along with installing a programmable thermostat—can help keep temperatures comfortable while reducing consumption.
  • Examine duct work:
    It’s advisable to regularly have all the duct work in your home or business inspected for any openings that may be causing a loss of cooling. Shoddy duct work could be causing your home to become uncomfortably warm.
commercial ac
It’s advisable to consider replacing older, outdated pieces of HVAC and refrigeration equipment with newer models from top brands that specialize in energy efficiency, including American Standard, Carrier, York and Day & Night.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

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